• Medical Equipment Management

  • Our Services

    1. Establishment of a program to manage medical equipment to increase equipment lifetime.
    2. Online computerization data management with QR code software.
    3. Planning & implementation of preventive maintenance schedules according to manufacturers' recommendation & international standards.
    4. Management of corrective maintenance work.
    5. Implementation of operator training to manage medical equipment correctly & to be able to perform medical equipment daily inspection.
    6. Medical equipment fault risk assessment & contingency plan management in case of irregularities.
    7. Monitoring of medical device hazard alert & notice systems of international organizations & medical device manufacturers.
    8. Medical device status report systems according to customer requirements.
  • Reference Standards

    1. Manufacturers requirements.
    2. Association for the advancement of medical instrumentation.
    3. American hospital association.
    4. Emergency care research institute.
    5. Food & drug administration.
    6. International organization standards.
    7. National fire protection association.
    8. Joint commission international.